Exchange’s Disciplinary Action against a Director of China Fortune Investments (Holding) Limited (Delisted, Previous Stock Code: 8116)


HKEX has issued a Director Unsuitability Statement against Mr Huang Sheng Lan, a non-executive director of China Fortune Investments (Holding) Limited. This statement, along with a public censure, declares that Mr Huang is deemed unsuitable for a director or senior management position within the company or its subsidiaries. In 2021, Mr Huang faced disciplinary action from the Exchange and was instructed to complete 20 hours of training on Listing Rule compliance. However, he failed to comply with this directive, even after being reminded to do so. This failure to comply is considered a serious breach of the Listing Rules, resulting in the imposition of a Director Unsuitability Statement. Mr Huang’s claim of not receiving reminders due to not using the provided email address and his lack of familiarity with computers and electronic devices are not considered valid excuses for his non-compliance with the Exchange’s instructions.



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