Dutch Central Bank to Align Equity and Corporate Bond Portfolios with Paris Agreement Goals

The Dutch Central Bank (DNB) has announced its commitment to align its reserves, including equity and corporate bond investments, with the goals of the Paris Agreement. By 2030, DNB aims to reduce the carbon footprint of its portfolio by 50% based on 2019 levels, prioritizing real-world emissions reductions at its portfolio companies. The bank will employ three strategies: investing in low-carbon companies or those with emission reduction plans, engaging with companies and fund managers to promote climate actions, and avoiding investments in fossil fuel-related activities and companies violating climate and ethical standards. DNB will evaluate its approach annually to ensure actual carbon reductions at investee companies while seeking financial returns and contributing to environmental and social value creation.

Resource: https://www.esgtoday.com/eu-regulators-propose-new-social-climate-targets-disclosures-for-financial-products/


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