UN Report Reveals Need for Equitable Digital Trade and Investment in Asia-Pacific

The Asia-Pacific region is experiencing significant growth in digital trade and investment, accounting for a quarter of the $4 trillion trade in digitally deliverable products. However, this growth is uneven, with six economies responsible for 85% of the region’s exports, while least developed countries (LDCs) represent less than 1%. Bridging this digital divide is crucial for inclusive and sustainable development. Research shows that a 1% increase in digital trade value correlates with a 0.8% rise in GDP per capita. LDCs face challenges such as underinvestment in infrastructure, a shortage of skilled workers, and regulatory complexities. To address these challenges and maximize the benefits of digital trade, proactive policies and coordinated efforts are necessary.

Resource: https://esgnews.com/un-report-reveals-need-for-equitable-digital-trade-and-investment-in-asia-pacific/


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