The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong cancels 2 listings of company shares due to failure of resumption guidance

HKEX cancels listing of the share of Universal Star (Holding) Limited, stock code :2345 under Rule 6.01A, effectively from 9:00am 26 January 2024. On 3 November 2023, the Company sought a review of the Listing Committee’s decision by the Listing Review Committee. On 15 January 2024, the Company withdrew its review application. Accordingly, the Exchange will cancel the Company’s listing.

HKEX cancels listing of the share of China Green (Holdings) Limited, stock code: 904 under Rule 6.01 A(1), effectively from 9:00am 22 January 2024. The Company failed to fulfill the resumption guidance set by the Exchange and resume trading in its shares by 28 December 2023. On 5 January 2024, the Listing Committee decided to cancel the listing of the Company’s shares on the Exchange.

Resource: Announcements/2024/240124news?sc_lang=en


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