The Securities and Future Commission appoints news Executive Director

The Securities and Future Commission made an announcement on February 07, on its appointment of new executive director, Dr Eric Yip, starting a three year term from May 2024.

Dr Yip has extensive experience in the financial services industry and held senior executive positions in respect of banking, private and public equity.

Dr Yip is currently General Manager and Head of Chinese Mainland Division of The Bank of East Asia. 

He started his career as a Management Consultant in the United States. Dr. Yip received a PhD in Economics from Harvard University. Dr. Yip is actively involved in public service. He serves as a member of the Trade and Industry Advisory Board of the HKSAR Government and a Vice Patron of the Hong Kong Community Chest. In the past, he served as a member of various committees of the HKSAR Government, including the Advisory Council on the Environment, the Environmental Campaign Committee, and the Environment and Conservation Fund Investment Committee.

 Dr Yip was selected through an open recruitment exercise led by a selection panel chaired by the Chairman of the SFC.



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