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Who Are We?

GCC Consulting is a quality bespoke consulting and advisory firm, formerly known as Global Compliance Company. We provide business consulting for our clients for matters including ESG, regulatory & compliance, governance & risk, sustainability & communications, and other business services and advisory, and committed to using innovative and digital approach for our clients. In recent years, there has been growing concern in the matter of sustainability, we have launched a business initiative of promoting “Consulting for Good”, which is under the name of For-Good GCC consisted of GCC Social Impact Institute and GCC Digital Creative.

What Do We Do?

We offer professional expertise that will be your service 24/7, catered to the modern business and society needs and setting it apart from other traditional consulting firms in Asia. Accordingly, we provide the best and innovative support for a wide-ranging selection of financial services and professional businesses (fintech startups, securities and futures broker-dealers, impact investing firms & asset managers), specializing in ESG compliance, regulatory, compliance risk mapping, risk & governance management solutions, and sustainability & communications.

GCC Social Impact Institute (the “Institute”), as part of For-Good GCC, is set up for the purpose of promoting, defining, and delivering impact to society and providing business and consulting support to social enterprises and not-for-profit organizations. GCC Digital Creative, the second limb of For-Good GCC, is to aim to promote adoption of new technologies and digital transformation. We refer digital creative to the use of digital tools and technology to produce innovative and visually engaging content for various digital platforms.


Talents & Professional Skills
  • More than 15 years of experience on average
  • Always keep a pulse on the market trends and regulatory developments
Transparent, Flexible and Tailored-Made
  • Simple and straightforward plan
  • Tailored benefits solutions for your company’s size, industry, and aims


Comprehensive & Innovative Solutions
  • Attentive to all your current business issues and needs, including ESG, regulatory, and sustainability communications
  • Unbiased advice that is in your best interest
  • Proactive and pre-caution alert approach in managing needs


High-powered Experience
  • Experienced industrial expert management
  • 27/7 Live Chat
  • High level of expedited delivery services


Our journey in searching the optimal business and communications models is not alone, we have experienced the business turbulence and are ready to establish excellent support with you


GCC Consulting is a quality bespoke ESG, regulatory & compliance, governance & risk, sustainability communications consulting service provider committed to using innovative and digital solutions for our clients to meet current business, regulatory and social requirements

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