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Hong Kong is one of the top asset and wealth  management centre in the world. The Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) in Hong Kong published a survey that Hong Kong recorded a 2% year-on-year increase in assets under management (AUM) to HKD35,546 billion as at the end of 2021 for Hong Kong’s asset and wealth management business. The total number of staff in the asset and wealth management business increased 12% to 54,003. On the other hand, SFC and other regulators have issued guidelines in respect of addressing risks arising from ESG matters.

GCC Consulting provides an intergraded approach in dealing with regulatory & compliance, and sustainability communications under one roof to ensure all communications to stakeholders are in one voice.

GCC Consulting works with asset management and private wealth management firms to create strategic PR and thought leadership programs that can meet the current stakeholders’ expectations and support their ability to attract assets, increase client satisfaction, and build brand value, and achieve the following:

  • Raise the firm’s brand and sustainability awareness and value proposition for the purpose of increasing client satisfaction and fulfilment of social responsible investing of leading to increase client engagement and increase the amount of fund management
  • Raise and differentiate core brand value attributes of the firm’s investment strategies and services among prospective clients and intermediaries
  • Showcase the investment managers’ experience and competency in investment
  • Advise on regulatory requirements in respect for public funds, including the Securities and Futures Commission (“SFC”)’s authorization under the Securities and Futures Ordinance (“SFO”) and advertising requirements
  • Advise on the listing application process and on-going obligation in relation to listed investment funds on the Hong Kong Exchange and Clearing Limited (“HKEx”)
  • Assist in preparing fund documentations, including preparing and reviewing offering documents, key fact statements (“KFS”), and other advertising materials (including notices to investors) and ongoing compliance with the relevant SFC’s Code
  • Set up the general compliance framework in respect of account opening procedure, know-your-client (“KYC”), suitability obligations and other applicable regulatory obligations under regulators, such as the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (“HKMA”) and SFC
  • Advise on relevant licensing requirements and ongoing obligations
  • Advise the implementation of compliance requirements under the Fund Manager Code of Conduct issued by the SFC
  • Ongoing compliance support in complying with various statutory requirements including those under the SFO and the Banking Ordinance (“BO”) and other relevant codes, guidelines and circulars issued by HKMA and SFC
  • Advisory on Anti-money laundering and counter terrorist financing matters, including account opening procedures, customer due diligence, and other policies and procedures in respect of Know-your-client for the purpose of compliance with AML/CTF requirements under Hong Kong law and regulatory guidance provided by HKMA and SFC


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