We offer flexible and cost-effective corporate secretarial solutions to a vast range of listed, public companies, international subsidiaries, and associations. Our clients not only get an experienced Company Secretary with all professional skills ready to provide guidance and advice to Board of Directors, our clients also gain seamless and invaluable access to a fully-integrated services that take your business needs into consideration

We also provide services in acting as named Company Secretary for listed issuers. We are acting as an outsourced Company Secretary who will deliver you the same benefits of an in-house Company Secretary, but we also provide added value and support of GCC’s integrated professional services team, and we support the following:

  • Advising on setting up a proper corporate governance framework and related processes and mechanisms in compliance with relevant laws and regulations;
  • Managing and minuting board, committee, and shareholder meetings;
  • Governance compliance and advice including continuous disclosure, listing rules, governance principles, and corporate action management;
  • Updating and maintaining minute books and statutory registers;
  • Attending board and committee meetings and preparation of meeting minutes;
  • Managing relationships with exchanges, regulators, company’s auditor and other interested stakeholders;
  • We advise, prepare and lodge all Director notices and lodgements required under the Listing Rules and corporate laws;
  • Exchanges’ communications and lodgements; and
  • Providing support for publication of corporate financial results

Our experienced company secretaries can assist you for all company secretarial administrative support as follows:

  • Providing company secretarial administrative support, including maintenance of statutory registers (register of shareholders and directors);
  • acting as the entity’s registered office and managing daily shareholder communications;
  • Shareholder / Directors’ lodgements and notices (alternation and change in information);
  • Attending board and committee meetings and preparation of meeting minutes;
  • Managing relationships with Company Registry, company’s auditor and other interested stakeholders;
  • Officeholder appointments and resignations, share transfers and allotment, incorporations and deregistrations;
  • Change in company’s name;
  • Change in company’s registered address; and
  • Services in relation to Designated Representative and Significant Controllers Register (“SCR)

GCC include the following entity registration services:

  • Advising on corporate structure and the type of entity; and
  • Registration of entity according to legal requirements in the chosen jurisdictions, including Hong Kong SAR, Singapore, Australia or other overseas jurisdictions in which GCC operates

Our Technical Advisory Team has possessed vast experiences that would provide you a cost effective solution to assist with complex company secretarial matters including:

  • Advising on ASX and SEHK listing applications in respect of corporate governance mattes;
  • Advising on matters in relation to requirements of Listing Rules (mainly continuous disclosure and periodic reporting requirements) and the corporate laws to matters required the attention of Boards of listed issuers;
  • Managing security holder meetings;
  • Corporate Actions;
  • Share Purchase Plans;
  • Rights Issues;
  • Prospectus drafting for transactions; and
  • Due Diligence Management.

Cost Effective

You will benefit from financial savings in areas around employment, office space and equipment as we already provide these

Expert Work

We are highly qualified and have trained staff to help handle your administrative function with ease and efficiency. We assure you of adhering with strict regulatory requirements in a timely manner and that all your processes are handled with expertise and in-depth knowledge

Conformity with the Law

We have an in-depth knowledge of the laws and has much experience in understanding the services required by the business. Therefore, all the procedure is performed with significant expertise and efficiency

Tailored-Made for each Company

We have dedicated and proficient teams to ensure that the duties related to corporate secretarial services are accomplished with efficiency. Besides, we also offer a wide variety of services that are specifically tailored as per the requirements of your company.

Take better care of your investors and business with GCC