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For-Good GCC

In recent years, society has growing concerns about environmental, social and governance matters. GCC Consulting has seen the importance of engaging with society and promoting digital, innovative and creative approach for sustainability. As a result, we have launched a business imitative of promoting “consulting for good” – “For-Good GCC”, which is consisted of two limbs namely GCC Social Impact Institute and GCC Digital Creative

GCC Social Impact Institute

GCC Social Impact Institute (the “Institute”) is a consulting & advisory imitative of GCC Consulting which is set up to aim for promoting, defining and delivering impact to society and providing business and consulting & advisory support to social enterprises and not-for-profit organizations. In order to collaborate effort in maximizing the impact, the Institute is providing the following services:

  • Social Impact Incubation Programme
  • Business Strategy for Social Enterprises & NGOs
  • Impact Consulting and Solutions
  • Sustainable (Impact) Investing & advisory, and Investor Engagement

GCC Digital Creative

GCC Digital Creative is the next generation of digital and creative agency of GCC Consulting, and aims to foster innovation with adoption of new technologies and digital transformation. Creativity takes a significant part in achieving sustainable growth for society. Our services are as follows:

  • Digital Transformation and Business Process Automation
  • Branding & Digital Creative Strategy


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