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GCC Digital Creative is part of For-Good GCC which is our business consulting initiative for promoting “Consulting for Good” is the next generation of digital and creative agency of GCC Consulting, and aims to foster innovation with adoption of new technologies and digital transformation. We refer digital creative to the use of digital tools and technology to produce innovative and visually engaging content for various digital platforms. It involves using digital media such as graphics, animations, videos, music, and interactive elements to create content that is engaging, informative, and memorable, which is a significant part for our society to be grown sustainably.

Digital Transformation and Business Process Automation

Interaction with your customers and strengthening the workflows through our customised digital transformation have never been faster and easier. Our technological applications in data management and process enhancement could engage your staff with customers more efficiently and accurately. All the important data and information are saved at your service teams automatically and better data sets the stage for capturing better business opportunities.

Our customized applications are going to take care of all the dirty, maddening work for you so that you don’t have to sit in front of the computer reading emails, or waiting for the phone to ring or handling a tremendous amount of paperwork. You can now focus on your business and aim for success. We have built applications tailored exactly for you that adapt to any kind of business instantly, set your business apart and manage your availability 24/7.  

Boosting your business management by its dynamic features such as providing external resources to fulfil every request from your valuable customers, running customised promotions such as loyalty programme under your marketing scheme and turn first-timers into regulars as well as news feeding notification where your latest news are actively pushed to the customers are becoming a standard and integrated processes within your sales teams.  All the valuable customers interaction data will be stored in the cloud application, and the applications will prepare detailed analysis for customers behaviour automatically. It will at least reduce your workload by 70% and increase your business opportunities by 90%. We have modules ready-made for small to medium enterprises, including the following:

  • Learning management system – a web-based platform designed to aid learning by providing instructors and learners with an effective, organized learning environment.
  • E-commerce (online shop and client management system) – An e-shop system is a convenient way to conduct e-commerce. It streamlines the buying process and makes it easier for customers to order, pay, and receive merchandise without leaving their homes or offices. CRMs provide powerful analytics, allowing companies to analyze customer data to make better decisions for their business strategy. CRMs can assist with automating tasks such as email communication and task delegation, allowing teams to be more efficient and responsive. It also provides comprehensive contact profiles and account histories that can be tailored to each customer’s individual needs.
  • Booking system – our booking system is be designed to offer a stress-free booking experience for customers. It features an intuitive interface that allows you to quickly and easily search for the service of your choice and book in just a few simple steps, saving you time and effort.

We strive for perfection and make sure everything is right since data drives everything. It creates more business opportunities and saves labour hours. A simple, yet powerful streamline automated application that satisfies your needs, all in one place.

With ever-increasing customer expectations, rapid market and technological change, disruptions from new entrants, increasing levels of regulation and reputational risk and growing shareholder scrutiny on performance, business leaders are being forced to continually re-evaluate their business models and how they create additional value from their day to day operations. 

We support clients in identifying, quantifying, prioritising and delivering a rapid step change in business performance. We target the key value levers in the business, leaving no stone unturned in our pursuit of top line revenue growth and cost savings to enhance bottom line profitability. 

We help our clients to generate value by successfully transforming their operations to meet and exceed their strategic ambitions, this can typically involve:

  • identifying the changes required to align operating models to the business strategy and financial targets, including respectfully challenging strategic decisions that are value diluting
  • identifying, quantifying and prioritising value creation opportunities across the enterprise, to drive revenue enhancements and cost reductions 
  • streamlining, automating and aligning business operations, organisational structures, management information, decision rights and incentives
  • designing and sequencing a change program to successfully deliver the required changes.

The regulatory framework for payments landscape is complex and continues to evolve with new technologies, the rise of Fintech, and the introduction of new payment solutions to the region that are all contributing to a shift in businesses and society’s expectations of where and how they can make and receive payments.

The rise of new payment gateway and fintech presents opportunities for businesses to attract and retain customers, improve efficiencies and improve customer experience in which payment is an invisible part of the process. We support our clients in identifying the right payment gateway by understanding the changing nature of payments, helping to anticipate future challenges, capitalising on and delivering businesses opportunities.

We can assist in (i) developing a strategy that aligns to current market conditions and considers the future, as well as identify potential sources of competitive advantage and investment approaches, (ii) identifying commercial opportunities for payments products, (iii) reviewing existing payments architecture and systems, and providing strategic investment and/or costing advice, (iv) assisting businesses to deliver payments transformation and remediation programs. and (v) assessing businesses in their payments processes and risks, as well as improving these areas.

Branding & Digital Creative Strategy

Sustainability communications is the process of shaping the company’s key sustainability messages to its investors and relevant stakeholders in the context of business strategy and long-term value creation. The purpose of the communications is to engage your customers, stakeholders and investors, and to showcase your progress on sustainability commitments.

In business context and business organisations, sustainability is to seek to prevent the depletion of natural resources, so that they will remain available for our next generation without compromising the development of our economy. We are committed ourselves to achieving the UN’s sustainable development goals, such as reducing their environmental footprints and conserving natural resources, and doing goods for our society and generations. We specialise in providing sustainable marketing services to our clients, and it is a long-term marketing effort that focuses on reducing the environmental impact, and bringing social impact while promoting services/ products of an organization (or without compromising the economic development).

Sustainable brand development and digital marketing plan: We adopt a standard approach of “Insight, Ideas and Impact” in formulating your sustainability strategy into your brand development and marketing plan. We identify the key message and mission in your brand to raise awareness and building advantages in the areas of sustainability. Your marketing messages, and business vision should be consistent, and in line with  your brand values. Through a combination of detailed research and market experience, we manage your brand and create a digital marketing plan which is customized to your sustainability initiatives, and cover all your marketing exposures, from events and campaigns, advertisement, video content to social media;

Sustainability communications and content management: Based on the formulated sustainability strategy, we formulate sustainability-campaigns, thought leadership, communicate strategies that set the tone and craft messaging to protect your brand value in today’s sustainability contract between your business and the society. With our communication strategy of risk mitigation or defensive reputation management, we activate your communications to the society with a sustainable organizational purpose  that will drive business impact. Creating such business impact in sustainability will require to maintain healthy relationships with stakeholders and regulators. Our strategist can help you communicate your sustainable purposes to build the  relationships. Enhancing your sustainability efforts will benefit from the relationship with the media. We will help to build that relationship, plan for your media exposure, and expand your media network;

Sustainability research and insights: With constantly growing and evolving in the areas of sustainability, success in your sustainability communications requires research and insights. We have a team of market researchers, reporters and other resources to conduct regular market research and deliver insights in the areas of sustainability on a global scale in order to keep your sustainability strategy and communications in line with the latest trend and development. 


GCC Digital Creative as your marketing advisor would help promote climate change by adopting business practices of minimising the environmental impacts of the internet use, and assist our client to acquire the right mindset, and we act as the role of your storytellers that can instil this message to your brand and promote it across. The following is the highlights of our approach:

  • Content/ Social Media Marketing

Increasingly, consumers would now take into account of social and environmental matters while they are making buying decisions. We are thoughtful about our audience’s values when creating the content. Content creates value that is to engage, educate, and retain your customers. Also, it is an effective approach in conveying the content in social media platforms.

In order to promote your authentic and sustainable brand’s messages, our copywriters will create “green and social responsible” content for driving customers’ attention that would turn into buying action.

  • Email Marketing/ EDM

It is estimated that there are more that 333 billion emails sent per day in 2022. Email is one of the effective way of marketing tools used by all sort of businesses. Emails may be cost-efficient, but it also produces C02. It is insignificant if we only count one email for CO2 count, but when we add up all the 333 billion emails daily, the result will be significant. Our goal is to achieve a clean and strategic email marketing approach with optimisation all images and removal of unnecessary automation. We are committed to producing quality emails targeting to the right groups of audience.

  • Advertisement Management

We understand the importance of placing advertisement in today’s internet. Both Facebook advertising and Google ads are providing powerful reach to your targeted audience. We help our clients formulate an effective and optimised digital ad campaigns that the right message in your adv campaigns could reach the right people with the consideration of reducing environmental impact.

  • Design/ Production

It is estimated that the use of internet is producing around 1 billion tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions per year, which is about 2% of total emissions (not counting gadgets and supporting systems). In order to reduce the carbon footprint, we have developed our best practices for sustainable design/ production of reducing emissions and need collective action to design and build high-performance, carbon-neutral, eco-friendly websites and designs.


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