What is Micro-learning?

Micro-learning can be metaphorised as building the small cog in a big wheel. It deals with short term learning objectives and smaller learning units one at a time. This allows personalisation of courses as learners can adjust their own pace according to their own abilities and schedules. Micro-learning can be multi-dimensional in a way that learners take only a few minutes to learn a micro-content of a certain topic.

Why is Micro-learning a better way of training?

Micro-learning is an ideal approach for skill-based learning to reinforce knowledge and deliver details in time when learners needed them. There are two significant advantages that make micro-learning stand out from other training methods – versatility and ubiquity.

Micro-learning can be used in different ways, including employees’ onboarding, professional knowledge refresher and even professional skills trainings. At the same time, micro-learning can be distributed easily through cloud and accessed through mobile phones and tablets. This does not only bring numerous opportunities for learning, but also an easier way to learn.

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