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GCC Social Impact Institute

GCC Social Impact Institute (the “Institute”), part of For-Good GCC, is a consulting & advisory initiative of GCC Consulting which is set up to aim for promoting, defining and delivering impact to society and providing business and consulting & advisory support to social enterprises and not-for-profit organizations. In order to collaborate effort in maximizing the impact, the Institute is providing the following services:

  • Social Impact Incubation Programme
  • Business Strategy for Social Enterprises & NGOs
  • Impact Consulting and Solutions
  • Sustainable (Impact) Investing & advisory, and Investor Engagement

Social Impact Incubation Programme

Introducing the Incubator Programme for Social Impact-focused start-ups in Asia-Pacific, the Institute’s Incubator Programme gathers impact investors, ESG experts and business advisors to lead the growth of social impact-focused businesses in Asia-pacific & offers a six-month programme to support founders through peer-learning, mentorship, publicity and marketing, investor introduction and equity investment.

Are you working on business solutions to solve environmental or social issues, such as biodiversity loss crisis, climate changes, green solutions, social-impact projects, etc?

Our Incubator Programme for social impact-focused start-ups is a six-month programme designed to support business founders to grow their businesses, through peer-learning and mentorship in the areas of social issues. Learning from industry experts and business advisors about how your solutions can become feasible in business and investment-ready, through a systematic approach and a wide range of topics, such as business development, marketing and public relation, financial budgeting, fund-raising, etc.

Selected companies will receive the followings:

  • Mentorship and experts’ Guidance – each founder will be introduced to a business mentor and an industry expert for providing guidance;
  • Business development, public relations and marketing – supported by GCC Consulting’s professional teams, social innovators will be provided support in formulating business development and marketing plans, and executing the plans accordingly;
  • Investor introduction – Accessing our network of impact investors, we will arrange regular pitching events for social innovators and potential investors; and
  • Equity investment – A minimum of US10,000 will be provided with the business supported provided by Naxis’ Business Services and Advisory to founders for business expansion.

Business Support

At GCC Consulting, we believe that growing sustainably and consistently over time is the critical successful factor for all businesses. Naxis, our advisory business unit for “Business Services & Advisory”, is committed to connecting dots and allowing them to work collectively for reaching unlimited potentials. Our services of “setting the tone” and “closing the gaps” is to ensure that you are in the right place to actively pursue social impact goals for providing support to the businesses admitted to our programme.

Details please visit our website at www.naxis-world.com.  

Business Strategy & Planning for Social Enterprises

We partner with for-purpose enterprises for formulating business strategy, planning for business operations and setting up the impact measurement framework. We believe that a sustainable business models are critical for eventually addressing the purpose of the society’s challenges. As trusted consultants, we help for-purpose enterprises go through the following cycles.

Before commencing a business operation, we do it traditionally by doing a complete strategic planning. However, if we intend to address society’s issues, innovative approach of creating new ideas and seeking transformation are becoming important. At the Institute, we do it differently by first engaging in a creative process. Combining it with the traditional approach, we work through all the relevant elements in the business strategy and planning so that social concepts would be able to be translated into executable actions and provide a guiding posts for the social innovators of reaching decisions.

We, as your trusted consultants, we help our clients with planning for for-purpose planning through our approach.

For not-for-profit organisations, it is heavily reliance on government grants and philanthropy, and business model is not resilient, in particular the funding requirements. As a result, they have spent a lot of resources in raising fund to support their operations, but not focusing on working towards the impact goals, or there are a lot of limitations of using the funds to target towards the areas that require the most attention. We partner with our clients to explore new revenue streams, and diversify the income sources. Our goal is to assist them to “commercialisation of their operations” which creates business cases for impact investments, and sustain their own business operations.

We also assist them to map out the key operational process by providing critical analysis towards their impact goals, and deliver new strategy, if needed. Operational planning is important for the success of the organisations as it could ensure that there are having the right people, right process and sufficient resources to achieve the mission. We also will explore the use of digital transformation for the purpose of enhancing efficiency and effectiveness.

Having a clear business and operating model would allow social innovators to make the right decisions in making sure that they are being accomplished to achieve their impact goals.


In order to demonstrate the for-purpose enterprises’ impact, we assist our client to set up a measurement framework that could address the attention to the society, funders, donors and other stakeholders Recent years have seen the rise in demand for for-purpose organisation’s to demonstrate their impact. With the rise of the recent concern over the social matters, it is expected that there is growing demand for impact measurement.

The process of starting the impact measurement would be complicated and involved a lot of thoughtful processes. We intend to assist our clients to break it down and make it an easy step-to-step guides for delivering their impact to be measurable with evidence-based supporting. We will also help our clients consider broader frameworks of leveraging a collective approach to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and other social impact matters.

Communications is the process of shaping the for-purpose enterprises’ key impact messages to its investors and relevant stakeholders in the context of business strategy and long-term value creation. The purpose of the communications is to engage your customers, stakeholders and investors, and to showcase your progress on impact commitments. We are committed ourselves to assisting our client to achieve the UN’s sustainable development goals, such as reducing their environmental footprints and conserving natural resources, and doing goods for our society and generations. We specialise in providing public relations, communications  and marketing services to our clients, and it is a long-term effort that focuses on reducing the environmental impact, and bringing social impact while promoting services/ products of a for-purpose enterprises.

Our capacities as your PR, communications and marketing partner are:

  • Sustainable brand development and marketing plan: We adopt a standard approach of “Insight, Ideas and Impact” in formulating your business and impact strategy into your brand development and marketing plan. We identify the key message and mission in your brand to raise awareness and building advantages in the areas of social impact. Your marketing messages, and business vision should be consistent, and in line with  your brand values. Through a combination of detailed research and market experience, we manage your brand and create a digital marketing plan which is customized to your social impact initiatives, and cover all your marketing exposures, from events and campaigns, advertisement, video content to social media;
  • Digital communications and content management: Based on the formulated impact strategy, we formulate effective campaigns, thought leadership, communicate strategies that set the tone and craft messaging to protect your brand value in today’s social contract between your business and the society. With our communication strategy of risk mitigation or defensive reputation management, we activate your communications to the society with a sustainable organizational/ social impact purpose that will drive positive impact. Creating such impact in sustainability will require to maintain healthy relationships with stakeholders and regulators. Our strategist can help you communicate your social impact purposes to build the  Enhancing your impact efforts will benefit from the relationship with the media. We will help to build that relationship, plan for your media exposure, and expand your media network;

Impact Consulting and Solutions

From climate change impacts, supply chain management, worker safety, board composition and labour practices, they all fall under the regime of environmental, social and governance (“ESG”). Incorporating and resolving social impact issues into core business activities has increasingly become important for business’s long-term strategy. As a social consulting partner, we includes our services to help companies with all sizes to formulate social impact strategy, integrate social impact performance into your communications strategies, deliver your social impact  messages to all stakeholders and establish key KPIs to measure the success of your social impact efforts and other impact on your sustainability initiatives.

We advise organisations on the strategic importance of specific sustainability issues that can be varied widely by company and by industry. We provide guidance on how sustainability issues are framed for discussion in the management meeting room, and assist the directors and management to formulate relevant business strategy incorporating sustainability operations, identifying and managing sustainability risks, challenges and opportunities that are essential to long-term value creation.

We will cover the following three key questions:

  • Which social issues are of strategic significance to the company?
  • How to manage the social (including other factors of ESG) related risks and opportunities and embed them into the strategy to drive the long-term value and performance? and
  • How does the company communicate its social and sustainability story to its investors and other stakeholders?

We provide advices to our clients in respect of building up a social program of which the Process is as follows:

  • Social impact analysis – Analyse client’s existing operational structure and evaluate their alignment with fitness for the future, providing guidance on what is required/ recommended and benchmark against competitors. We then engage their stakeholders to get their input – consider their opinions, interests and concerns and conduct a materiality assessment to identify the organisations material issues through a materiality survey. Upon the result of the engagement, we assist in the development of the company’s social impact strategy and provide tailored solutions that would adhere to our client’s standards.
  • Data Analysis – Good management of environmental data helps assess your operational cost and efficiency, mitigate environmental and compliance risks and strengthen your sustainability strategy. Similarly to social impact initiatives, we also develop an understanding of our client’s social impact through auditing, analysis and evaluation of their social KPIs to provide a fully developed set of data, allowing clients to set targets, conduct future comparisons and address material issues.
  • Reporting – We would assist in the drafting and preparation of a quantitative and qualitive social impact report on an annual basis. Results of the materiality survey would be analysed, and the identified risks would be disclosed in the report.

Effective integration of social factors into strategy and business activities is to ensure that the entire C-suite understands the importance of social (along with other factors of sustainability) to the company’s strategy and long-term performance, and how social issues impact their respective functions and areas of responsibility. We develop an effective integration program to implement the integration, and monitor the effectiveness the integration that can measure the positive influence on the shareholder value when it is showcased how the company drives  business value with social and sustainability.

In respect of training for ESG matters, regular workshops are held and provided by GCC Academy. For details, please visit GCC Academy’s website at https://gcc-compliance.com/gcc-academy/.

We have operated a social impact book shell containing different themes of social impact initiatives. Instead of building your own from scratch, we can provide sourcing solutions for your organization that would save you resources and time in building up your own one. As your social impact partner, we will source you a social impact project that will address your selected social issue and will also monitor the progress to ensure that it will help you accelerate the impact.

Impact assessment and measurement is essential for all social impact strategy. Our impact strategy team can provide you the assessment and measurement framework, metrics  and KPIs for your organisation to evaluate your social impact strategy. For details, please refer to our section – Business Strategy for Social Enterprises.

Sustainable (Impact) Investing & Advisory, and Investor Engagement

Sustainable (Green)/ Impact investing refers to the investment process that has taken into the consideration of the sustainability considerations in the financial sector which is for the purpose of leading to more long-term investments in sustainable economic activities and projects. Investors are more inclined to invest in companies with business value driven by sustainability integration in their strategic and operational activities. Investors look at company’s sustainability factors and sustainable finance initiatives to build their investment portfolios that are sustainable and responsible.

Disclosures in sustainability factors are becoming one of the key components assessed by investors against the company’s longer term financial and operational performance. It is expected that regulators will implement new standards in sustainable finance disclosure. In Europe, the EU Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) is a set of EU rules which aim to make the sustainability profile of funds more comparable and better understood by end-investors. It has defined a set of pre-defined metrics for assessing the sustainability outcomes of the investment process.

We advise fund managers in respect of the fund establishment, disclosure requirements related to climate risk and ESG, advisory on Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), fund administration and other reporting obligations.

We are also working with social impact fund managers in establishing social impact funds. Among all, we are working with a fund manager located in Hong Kong to set up a proposed impact fund with the following initial fund information:

Impact Connect (Venture Capital) Fund – HKD50M Target (Subject to regulatory approval)

  • Focus on meaningful social impact projects on the lives of people in Asia-Pacific (including education, health, housing, employment etc) for for-purpose social enterprises
  • Series A – pre-IPO Rounds
  • Possess a business model with potential to generate in excess of $10m revenues in 5 years,
  • Minimum $100K Subscription
  • 5 years

Portfolio managers and rating agencies increasingly look into the sustainability commitment and story during their investment analysis and rating processes respectively. As a result, companies and their board should focus on effectively communicating their sustainability story and understand issues that could result in negative impact on the investment decision made by their investors. Our consulting services include consultancy on the disclosure requirements and assist your organisation in implementing the disclosures, and formulate communications and marketing plan to actively engage your investors.

We provide for-purpose enterprises with a structured training module for their investment readiness. This training module will look at matters, such as business strategy, business and operation model, financial projection and fundraising techniques. It makes investor engagement/ and investor relations easy during the whole journey of raising capital.


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