Corporate governance is programmed and processed to enable organisations to identify and control risks and ensure compliance and best practice standard. We have designed a governance program that was purposely-built as corporate governance solutions empowering organisations to implement and to take the challenges of the dynamic and complex governance landscape

The following is the governance program adopted by GCC in respect of implementing corporate governance that is consisted of six elements:

  • Health Check – before implementing the full governance program, we conduct health check (risk assessments) of corporate governance and compliance documents and procedures to identify deficiencies and suggest improvements. 
We will cover areas such as anti-bribery, corruption, anti-fraud and whistle-blowing requirements and provide assistance in implementing them accordingly to the results of the health check;
  • Implementation of regulatory requirements or best practice standards – we will revise and update documentation requirements and update procedures to close the identified gaps that bring entities into line with regulatory requirements or best practice standards;
  • Benchmarking – we would also conduct a review of your exiting corporate governance framework by benchmarking against those recommended in relevant industry reports or peers;
  • Whistleblowing Policies – we provide whistleblowing policies and procedures and assist in implementing them in your organisation ensuring that they are in compliant properly;
  • Internal and external investigations – we advise and assist clients with internal investigations, and external investigations by regulators; and
  • Training – we organize training sessions, workshops and annual refresher courses in relation to governance and compliance to ensure the entire organisation understands its importance and how to implement the procedures properly.


Every company has a different culture and practice. We can provide tailor-made solution catering for your needs by conducting health check and pinpointing problems to be solved


As an old saying goes, Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. Our company does not only ensure governance is properly conducted, we also provide training and workshops to ensure the whole company knows how to implement the governance procedure

Technically Enabled

We will utilize the technology available to us to make your company better and easier managed. For example, we can devise an eletronic whistle blowing system to ensure compliance can be carried out properly


We want to establish a virtuous cycle in implementing best regulatory practice standards.  Therefore, we will revise update documentation requirements and update procedures to close the identified gaps and bring into line with best practice standards

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