Open innovation is at the core of us

With our extensive knowledge about the market and the complex regulatory environment, we provide compliance training and a sophisticated knowledge hub that provides an open innovation approach for the purpose of bringing together clients with deep understanding of compliance knowledge, both online and offline, to ensure staff members stay alerted and informed about the regulatory changes.


Regtech is becoming more and more popular and we trust that technology is the future solution for solving complex compliance environment. Our approach is consisted of two steps, namely research and ideation, and open innovation.

It is the process of requiring a collaboration of creative and open minds. We embrace disciplines and methods of design thinking and create unprecedented solutions.

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We bring together clients with fintech / regtech start-ups, technology vendors, students and universities through hack-a-thons, app-a-thons, maker and meet-ups that will help you discover and explore new ideas and applicable solutions for your compliance problems.

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