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At GCC Consulting, we believe that growing sustainably and consistently over time is the critical successful factor for all businesses. It has led us to establish an experimental business services and advisory platform, which is branded under the name of Naxis. Naxis is connecting dots (as business individuals) and allowing them to work collectively for reaching unlimited potentials.  By (i) setting the tone, (ii) closing the gap (between the desired and actual outcomes) and (iii) Digital Fulfilment Experience, Naxis is a right place for businesses to actively pursue business growth.

Setting the Tone

A well-developed business structuring and planning will vary depending on the stage of business and the business maturity or the industry you operate in. Our established platforms can be your business companions to assist you in accelerating your business growth through the right business structure, choice of the optimal capital structure and other business risk management strategies. We support businesses and provide our professional advice for decision-makers to identify areas in which improvement is needed, and create annual business growth plans that set your organisation on the tone to fulfil your business goals.

Before admitting to Naxis, our experienced advisors will work through with you in the followings:

  • Business Planning – planning is to help you achieve business success and is a process in which past performance is reviewed and provide clarity for future directions. We will assist your research process that will support you to set solid and realistic business goals, and decide the right business structure. The remaining is to bring your plan into action.
  • Organisational Structure – choosing a right organisational structure is the right management tool for working effectively and efficiently towards business goals. An organisational review enables to identify whether duties and responsibilities of departments and business units are well-defined and avoid lack of clarity within departments.
  • Planning for business growth – changes are expected constantly in the commercial world. Adapting to changes while growing a business is not easy. Business growth strategy is to set out future business roadmaps that align stakeholders behind business goals that will support future sustainable business growth. During the planning process, business advisors will exchange new ideas, identify issues and work through identified issues to come up with a list of business deliverables. The following matters will be addressed:  
  • Manage and align shareholder and stakeholder expectations;
  • Perform market research and identify market opportunities;
  • Formulate action plans and set out the details of the execution;
  • Identify growth risks and propose mitigation measures;
  • Formulate approaches in motivating key staff members and devise retention plan;
  • Set targets and KPIs; and
  • Adopt proactive approach in business performance management.
  • Business performance management – we apply visual KPI dashboard in doing business performance management. KPI dashboard includes assessment of financial impact of future strategic and other business decisions, identification of financial performance drivers, development of dashboards to help visualise performance and improve performance reporting, and revision of business models to achieve the desired business outcomes.

Please refer to our management service in People and Knowledge Management.

We also work with businesses in performing an assessment of developing strategies to address current regulatory licensing requirements and challenges, and provide them with the proposed workflow processes on how to apply for the relevant business license and to streamline and integrate the regulatory requirements into diverse their business operating models. By setting up the right legal and business structures, and governance model, designing the effective business operating model and establishing the control and business processes that could enable a forward-looking assessment of changing regulatory environment, minizine the risk of non-compliance and reduce negative impacts on business operational models. We will manage the application process and act as your single contact point with a regulator or department of the government.

We have described the most common business licences in Hong Kong and provide links for you to download for our White Paper – Business Licenses in Hong Kong of Hong Kong Business Guide for more detailed information as appropriate.

In order to set the tone right, businesses are required to have plan in supporting its event and communication process. Our approach is using an interactive approach to increase our competitive transparency by providing relevant services to our clients depending on their business stage. We offer standard solutions which are tailored-made for businesses varying from start-up business, growth stage, maturity and break-through phases. Our purpose is to grow with our clients.

Event Management

A way to link your audience with the most memorable connection to your business. Deliver your value on a deeper and much more meaningful level, telling your audience “Why they need to choose you”. With our skilled team of organizers, technicians, and planning advisors in Hong Kong, hosting an event is no longer an issue. We provide the following services:

Grand Opening: How many openings will you encounter? Why not make this the most memorable one? Naxis’ event management has all the experience you could ever require in hosting a grand opening. Invite your partners, clients, and friends; let everyone know how great your business is.

Gala Dinner Event: Dinner is part of your day, but a dinner event is more than just a regular meal. Nothing dazzles guests like a gala dinner. It is something to be anticipated and remembered. Naxis’ event management back you up for anything you will need. We can turn a dinner event into a party if you would like to.

Press Conference: A press conference is not only a media event. It is a way to announce a new product, policy, service or problem, designed to either get positive or negative press coverage. It is well worth finding out how to manage them well. Unlike other presentations, the repercussions can be serious if you mess up.

Promotion Roadshow: Roadshow is flexible to a variety of situations; it is fast, cost-effective, and an attractive marketing strategy. Whether you are promoting your brand, product, or service, Naxis provides solutions to match your needs and our professional team suggests the best promotion materials. We do various types of roadshow promotions, including but not limited to van, truck, and booth roadshow promotions.

Media Launch: To showcase your latest product, would you prefer to build hype around it or execute minimal promotion? An excellent launch event, not only presenting the product, but also getting people to talk about it in all platforms. Do you want your product to be the next iPhone?

PR/ Communication Advisory

Good communication with clients is key to a successful relationship. Talking about the services you provide as well as listening to and understanding the needs of your stakeholders is vital and requires a nuanced approach. We can help you ensure that your communication strategies and activities are aligned with your stakeholders’ expectation. We aim to adopt numerous ways to help you convey messages, both directly and indirectly, to your stakeholders, such as  customers about the products and services you offer, to persuade partners to work with you and form a long-lasting relationship with you. In the business markets, action matters as much as verbal communication. We use various tools of communication to increase brand awareness by formulating a communication strategy with one voice. This includes:

  • Events and experiences;
  • Public relations and publicity;
  • Advertising;
  • Social Media marketing; and
  • Content marketing;

Specifically, our advisory teams can provide you with the following services:

  • Discuss on new communication strategies or improve on the current ones that address your products/ services, ensuring they are well integrated with all customers
  • Messaging and positioning
  • Media and presentation training
  • Help to drive internal communication campaign
  • Marketing campaigns to promote content across various channels and increase customer engagement on social media platforms
  • Broadcast media and video to help promote products/ services
  • Advise on effective active and verbal communication with potential and existing clients; and
  • Speech writing for promotional events and press conferences

Due to the fast-changing markets and economy, our communications also need to change accordingly to help you keep your customers up to date with the current trends.

Please refer to our management service in Communications Management.

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Closing the Gaps

Problem-solving in business is defined as implementing processes that reduce or remove obstacles that are preventing you or others from accomplishing operational and strategic business goals. In business, a problem is a situation that creates a gap between desired and actual outcomes. Naxis’ business services are being provided to fill the gap between them. We implement processes that are to reduce or remove obstacles for business growth.

Essential Business Services

Specialized Business Services

Essential Business Services

The team members at our Essential Business Services has one overarching goal: to provide professional business support for your company or in your term “closing the gaps”. We accomplish this by making personalized and bundled services simple for you to resolve daily business matters that enable you to cope with today’s fast-paced business environment. You can select the services you need, from daily bookkeeping, tax services, to one-time cash management advices. You will became your long-tern partner to support your back office while you can focus in growing your business.


We adopt a holistic approach in managing CFO functions for all kinds of organisations. Our team for financial management is professional, reliable, strategic and scalable.

We partner with organisations who will strategically formulate financial strategies with your board of directors, participate in the financial budgeting, implement and design an effective financial management system, recommend the most efficient capital structure and facility and interpret financial reporting, and complying with all legal and regulatory requirements for the company.

It is an important management decision when a company is considering outsourcing its finance and accounting functions. We therefore strive to provide the full spectrum of accounting and finance functions to meet your specific requirements in financial management in order to advance full reporting compliance that can deliver efficiency and bring value to the organisation.

CFO Function

Effective financial management is critical to the success of the business. An experienced CFO should have the ability to be your effective business partner who has the necessary leadership and communication skills. Acting as your outsourced CFO, we will obtain a strong understanding of the organisation’s business model and industry so that we could provide advice independently, challenge the operations teams constructively and ensure that business decisions are made in accordance with solid financial criteria. 

Our CFO services include:

  • Support and guidance in the formulation and development of the financial strategy of your company, and provision of advice and guidance on various corporate strategies, including funding strategies, budgeting and forecasting, financial management and design and implementation of financial management system;
  • Implementation of financial strategy development and enabling its execution;
  • Assessment of risk measurements and controls that will mitigate risk as well as compliance with applicable regulatory or other legal requirements in increasingly complex regulatory requirements in financial reporting;
  • Preparation of all the financial reporting and compliance requirements, including monthly management accounts, quarterly cash flows and half-yearly and annual financial reports;
  • Acting as the main contact in handling external auditor and regulatory queries;
  • liaison with the organisation’s tax and business advisers in relation to tax compliance requirements; and 
  • support and guidance in relation to types of government grants and their processes, such as research & development rebates, technological support and marketing and promotion funding.

Ultimately, our service gives you peace of mind assuring that your financial compliance and regulatory requirements are taken care of and supported by a team of experienced financial management professionals.

Accounting and Finance Supports

We will provide a pool of accounting and finance professionals to take care of all the back-office finance and accounting functions for all types and sizes of organisations. Our experienced team is keen on working either completely autonomously or offering ad-hoc support within your existing corporate team structure.

Our finance and accounting services include:

  • Fixed asset register;
  • Preparation of ledgers;
  • Sales and purchase invoice processing;
  • Payroll management and other related supports, such as MPF and other contributions;
  • Debtor receipts and creditor payments;
  • Regular bank and balance sheet reconciliations;
  • Monthly reporting and other regular financial and management reporting; and
  • Cloud-based accounting and reporting software.


Healthy cashflow has traditionally been seen as something of critical importance for the growth of a business and we should remember the very fundamental nature of starting a business is to generate sufficient cashflow that enables businesses to pursue the opportunities for business growth.

Our professional advisory team is experienced in cash management for startups and small and medium enterprises (“SMEs”). Our team is experienced in managing strategic cash flow analysis which starts with understanding what future cash flow looks like and identifies cash bottlenecks. From there, we can work with you to formulate cashflow management solutions that can both capture future business opportunities and have a full picture of the cashflow position for making informed business decisions.

Cash Flow Management Service

Our outsourced cashflow management service is to help you anticipate when cash will be needed so that you can have sufficient time to put in place of the cash resources. We assist in identifying opportunities to improve your working capital which can help improve your resilience and provide resources for future business growth. Late payments will deteriorate your financial integrity. We will help ensure that payment obligations are properly managed. 

We provide the following cashflow management services to our clients and provide advice for your team on how to improve internal cash management procedures.

  • Risk and cashflow gap analysis;
  • Sales pipeline / cash inflow monitoring;
  • Expenses monitoring;
  • Cashflow projection;
  • Business planning; and
  • Working capital management.

Coaching and Discipline Management

Working as your business advisory is to ensure that you adopt a discipline approach in managing cash cashflow and your financial goals. Our team provide financial goal support and coaching services to ensure they can achieve their financial goals. Our hands-on approach allows us to provide regular feedback to clients on the what, where and when of their spending and provide feedback and accountability to drive change in spending behaviours. Change would help our clients to stay on the right path for achieving their financial ambition.

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We provide a wide range of tax advisory and compliance services to start-ups, local companies and international companies.  Our tax advisors have working background from international accounting firms and have possessed practical experience and applied taxation knowledge in relevant tax regimes.

While you are focusing on turning your innovative idea into a real business, we provide advice on resolving your tax issues as well as identify tax concession and tax planning opportunity to effectively reduce tax liabilities and enhance your business profitability.

Tax and Compliance

Hong Kong is an international business centre that has a low, simple and competitive tax regime.  Corporations and individuals can enjoy a number of advantages when choosing Hong Kong as their destination for businesses and for work:

  • Low rate of taxation for individuals and corporates;
  • There are only three direct taxes, which are profit tax, salaries tax and property tax
  • No capital gains tax, no withholding tax, no capital gain tax, no tax on dividends and no estate tax; and
  • HK taxation only applies to income arising in or derived from Hong Kong (offshore income provides possible eligibility to make an “offshore claim”).

Our team can provide the following tax advisory and compliance services:

  • Preparation of tax returns: it is required to complete tax return annually. For individuals, it is required to complete individual’s tax return and/or property tax return. For corporations and employers, it is required to complete profit’s tax return and employer’s tax return.;
  • Appeals and disputes: it includes (i) offshore claims for companies whose has income deriving from offshore; (ii) handling objections against disputed assessments and holdover claims of provisional tax, and (iii) Negotiating with the IRD for tax investigation and tax field audit cases; and
  • Tax planning – (i) formulating tax strategies on investment planning, group restructuring, mergers and acquisitions and pre-Initial Public Offering, (ii) matters in respect of transfer pricing that can satisfy Hong Kong requirements and group standard for efficient administration; and (iii) tax health check on existing operations from tax compliance perspective.

For any trouble arises from managing corporate matters, we have complete corporate compliance services that enable you to stay compliant with the legal requirements and ongoing regulatory obligations. Our services can provide peace of mind and you can focus on growing your business.

Business Formation (onshore and offshore jurisdictions)

While you have a great business idea or it is your first time becoming a business founder, you may be confused about how to realise your dream and choose an appropriate business structure. We understand that there is no one-size-fits-all approach relating to setting up a business. Our business formation service consists of a business meeting for us to provide you with our professional advice on the best corporate structure that can benefit your future business needs. We can provide the business formation of the following jurisdictions:

  • Hong Kong
  • Singapore
  • Australia
  • British Virgin Islands
  • Cayman Islands

Our approach is simple and efficient. If you consider selecting formation in another jurisdiction not listed above, we can assist you to contact our network of corporate service providers that can assist your own formation requirement.

Our standard packages of company formation are as follows:

For more detailed information, please visit our website at



HKD 6,800 Yearly
  • HK company formation
  • First year of company secretarial service
  • Significant Controllers Register (SCR)
  • Business Registration Certification
  • All government fees included
Best Price


HKD 13,800 Yearly
  • HK company formation
  • First year of company secretarial service
  • Significant Controllers Register (SCR)
  • Business Registration Certification
  • All government fees included
  • Arrangement of bank account opening
  • 1 year of registered address


HKD 26,800 Yearly
  • HK company formation
  • First year of company secretarial service
  • Significant Controllers Register (SCR)
  • Business Registration Certification
  • All government fees included
  • Arrangement of bank account opening
  • 1 year of registered address
  • Mail Handling
  • Designated private phone number
  • Administrative assistant for phone answering

Corporate Compliance

Lack of compliance knowledge is not an excuse for not complying with ongoing corporate compliance requirements. In order to stay compliant with the corporate rules and regulations, it requires attention, professional knowledge and time. Our professional team is practical and well-trained to balance the needs of business owners while providing our company secretarial and full supporting services for private companies. Our services include the following:

  • Acting as a named company secretary;
  • Providing authorised representative / designated representative for SCR;
  • Safe-keeping of the statutory records and maintaining the statutory records if needed;
  • Preparing the annual return and filing it with the Hong Kong Company Registry;
  • Arranging renewal of business registration;
  • Preparing the documents relating to the annual general meeting;
  • Provision of office address in Hong Kong for the purpose of the company’s registered address, principal place of business and correspondence address;
  • Handling of issue and transfer shares, share allotment, change in share capital structure, appointment and resignation of company officers, change in company name, etc; and
  • Providing corporate compliance advisory services

Our standard packages of ongoing corporate compliance are as follows:


HKD 4,000 Yearly
  • First year of company secretarial service
  • Designated Representative for Significant Controllers Register (SCR)
  • Filing of Annual Return (NAR1)
  • Updating company statutory records
  • Free transfer
Best Price


HKD 8,500 Yearly
  • First year of company secretarial service
  • Designated Representative for Significant Controllers Register (SCR)
  • Filing of Annual Return (NAR1)
  • Updating company statutory records
  • Free transfer
  • 1 year of registered address


HKD 15,000 Yearly
  • First year of company secretarial service
  • Designated Representative for Significant Controllers Register (SCR)
  • Filing of Annual Return (NAR1)
  • Updating company statutory records
  • Free transfer
  • 1 year of registered address
  • Mail Handling
  • Designated private phone number
  • Administrative assistant for phone answering

Specialized Business Services

In today’s fast business environment, it is all about growing business performance. Our division of Specialized Business Services is dedicated to helping fill the gaps and lower the risks that consolidate the business growth, and operations, and create an effective plan of action. Our business specialists know what it takes to handle business conflicts and issues, and are committed to helping you get there.

We are also having a full range of due diligence experiences to handle different scales of deals, mergers & acquisitions and corporations.  Not only from public sources due diligence perspective, with our network in various sectors and ability to gather non-public intelligences, but we can also identify true and material risk(s)/issue(s) of a target for you.  Our high mobility team with strong business sense will also cover any discreet site visit/inspection, as an important step in business due diligence process.  Last but not least, we understand time is essential for business deals, therefore we provide our support to you based on your requirements, specific areas to be covered and material items from our experiences, we consider it should not be a “check-list for thousand items in theory” taking multiple months, which ultimately may impact the best execution time and business value.

Issues relating to employees are among the top matter on the agenda in boardrooms and among senior management of business organisations. Proactive approach in identifying and addressing the conduct issues is a vital management tool for the prevention of staff misconduct. 

Forming part of the overall governance framework, implementation of conduct management framework can provide a systematic approach to help organisations in addressing conduct matters and demonstrating strong commitment of delivering good quality services to their customers. We provide solutions to business organisations to design and establish conduct management framework which covers product due diligence, sales practices and suitability, and compliant handling procedures.

Our approach in providing conduct advisory includes the following stages:

  • Enterprise-wide Conduct Management Framework – our advisory team designs and implements enterprise-wide conduct frameworks to support the business processes in managing conduct issues;
  • Product Due Diligence – we advise the due diligence process for new products and services within the product governance frameworks to take conduct management into the product lifecycle, in particular during the process of design and distribution obligations;
  • Sales Practices and Suitability – Sales practices and suitability frameworks ensure the delivery of fair and suitable outcomes for customers. In case of regulatory requirement of identifying vulnerable customers, it is ensured that vulnerable customers are clearly defined and identified during the sales process and review readiness and compliance with the relevant industry codes of conduct and regulatory obligations from time to time;
  • Complaints Handling Procedures – We formulate complaints handling policies and procedures and implement an operational effectiveness of complaints handling in organisations to ensure that all complaints are properly addressed. Management oversight should identify the root causes of the complaints and formulate action plan for improvements to business processes and the products and services provided to customers.

Our solutions of managing conduct issues balance with the organisation’s strategic goals, and business values. We adopt the above methodology as the building blocks of supporting clients to design and implement  effective conduct management frameworks.

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Dedicated to providing optimal services for businesses of different phrases and scales, Digital Fulfilment Experience, powered by Naxis, operates business channels in which businesses can reach the untapped business opportunities.

Digital Fulfilment Experience

T-Sources is a strategic channel of Digital Fulfilment Experience powered by Naxis. Proud of our existing business network and founders’ stories, we focus on promoting sustainable business growth and are positioned ourselves to think and deliver big for our business community. It also serves as our strategic thinker.

T-Sources focuses online platform as a boost for SMEs and entrepreneurs. Firstly, T-Sources provides new entrepreneurs with online resources and connections to make their dreams a reality, engaging start-ups with professional brand-marketing schemes to maximise business growth. Secondly, T-Sources links international brands, services providers, and professionals with local SMEs to achieve global outreach. In near future, T-Sources strives to set standards amongst SMEs and entrepreneurs as a solid foundation for global connection and entrepreneurial information with online resources and support from brand-communications experts. T-Source envisions the platform being used as a jump-off point for start-ups to “break the boundaries”, and achieve success

Please refer to our management service in Promotion (Overseas) Management.

Greemick, an extension of T-Sources, (coming soon) is a sustainable and green online marketplace with the mission of promoting sustainable lifestyles. We offer goods and services in our marketplaces to promote a new norm to live in the way of doing good for the society and our next generations.

About T-Sources

T-Sources is an online media publication platform for the purpose of promoting exports and services provided by the local business community, including start-ups, suppliers, and SMEs, to reach out to the global markets. Strategically merged with Think Tank Media Limited in April 2023, an online media platform, it combines the latest news about the start-up scene in Hong Kong with T-Sources to become a one-stop platform to showcase your products and services, and the latest news of doing business in Hong Kong.

For information about T-Sources, please visit www.t-sources.com.

Forming part of GCC Academy, Naxis-Intelligence is a next-generation virtual training platform for participants who are committed to gaining practical experience in their path of seeking professional excellence. The aspects of development are classified into the following categories – namely, Professional Development, Business, Sustainability, Beauty and Fashion, Music, Well-being and Health, Investment, Tech & Innovation, as well as Future & Alternative. Market leaders in the respective sector will be invited to form the community within each category.

Naxis-Intelligence is also established for the purpose of promoting professional business knowledge and business strategy to the business community in Asia Pacific. It is an innovative platform allowing business professionals to develop their business skills and knowledge. The training module offers all-rounded entrepreneurship trainings to individuals and businesses that facilitate them to acquire adequate entrepreneurial mindset, knowledge and skills through innovative approaches. We also instil the value of integrity, and ethical & compliance mindset to next-generation entrepreneurs during our training process.

  1. Business Ethical Training – it nurtures the business professionals to cope with evolving regulatory landscapes by supporting them to develop the required knowledge, expertise and capabilities in the working knowledge for compliance with the regulations and raise the standard of business ethics. Business professionals are grown to compete in the business world that is full of rapid changes and disruptions. Our full span of knowledge developed a training framework ranged from fulfilling regulatory requirements, business crimes and ethical to business sustainability which marked as an advantage and essential components of professional business executives. We also promote innovative new technologies that is to digitalize the process of controls to support regulatory transformation in the current digital business environment.
  2. Financial Education – It is a life-long investment to build up your financial literacy. We provide financial education programs for business professionals to enhance business acumen. Our programs intend to provide the following:
    • Understanding accounting basics;
    • Basic financial and capital structure theory;
    • financial statements analysis;
    • Identifying how cash flows affect business health; and
    • Managing account receivables and account payables

    We deliver training from online, to one-day intensive training courses, to tailored-made workshops. Our education approach is to fit into your busy schedule. We provide regular free financial education online webinars which are designed for business owners who want to gain financial literacy of which the purpose is to ensure you understand the financial implication of every business decision you make.

    Our one-day intensive training course allows you to kick start your business in just one day. We have structured four financially focused units to help founders and business owners truly understand financial statements and develop plans for sustainable business growth.

    In case of other training needs, we can structure appropriate training modules that should fulfil your training requirements.

  3. Growth Programs – our signature 1-10 Entrepreneurship Courses – we are looking to build a community of strong business-minded entrepreneurs and visionaries who will make a real impact in the start-up ecosystem. The curriculum targets all applicants regardless of experience and specific background, focusing on giving them the support, expertise and tools necessary to succeed in increasingly competitive markets. It’s focused on the founder, though, rather than the idea.

    In brief, what will you learn?

    • Business & Product Development
    • Financial Strategies & Management
    • Digital Marketing
    • Branding & Performance
    • All-you-need to know Guide for SMEs

Save up to 80% on your labour cost, by hiring Mujin’s virtual assistant services and kill all the hassle. By the support of the professional and experienced Virtual Service Assistant (“Mujin”), you can take away mundane tasks so you can focus more on how to grow your business, saving time and money.

Digital Marketing

Having a team of marketing is never an easy task for most business especially hiring an experienced marketer. Mujin is an experienced marketer, supporting your business in areas varying from project management and general marketing support to brand build and management. We keep abreast of the latest market trends and take care of various areas in digital marketing, including graphic design, video production, e-commerce solution, website design, and social media management.

Company Secretarial Services

Mujin supports your business as a little pinion, making sure everything is up and running. Some of the tasks that Mujin handles but is not limited to; daily office tasks, scheduling, remote office management, assisting with phone calls or emails. Administrative work may be easy, but it could take so much time. Time is money, you are running business, not paper work.  Mujin can provide services in (i) your company formation, (ii) ongoing corporate compliance issues, (iii) application for Bank Account Opening, including preparation of account opening documents, form filling, and facilitation of setting up meeting with the bank (iv) contract review: signing a contract is easy, but have you ever think of the risk behind the unfair terms. Failure in reviewing your contracts or legal documents could have significant legal and financial consequences. Mujin is here to prevent the situation and find out the red flag in the contract you are about to sign.

Human Resources

No matter the type of business you own, if you have staff, you have a need for an HR assistant to help you ensure that the human resource responsibilities are being taken care. Mujin can do the work for much less than an extra staff member, and save you a lot of time.

Our Human Resources Management starter package will provide you a high quality human resources framework tailor-made for your Company. It is suitable for Company recently setup which requirez setting all policies from zero, and for the Company which encounters fast-growing, or even prepare for listing, and requires professionals to upgrade your current policies setting to latest environment and legislation in order to combat with the complex environment.

Accounting and Bookkeeping

Stay on top of your finances. Hire our skilled Mujin as your personal finance professional to oversee your overall business financial status. Specifically, we provide you with bookkeeping services to keep track of your budget, manage payables and sales receivables in your financial statements, and we ensure to stay updated with all accounting systems

Greemick is a sustainable and green online marketplace with the mission of promoting sustainable lifestyles. We offer goods and services in our marketplaces to promote a new norm to live in the way of doing good for the society and our next generations.

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