GCC Consulting


GCC Consulting provides integrated consulting and advisory services combining innovative and digital approaches with practical and professional experiences to help clients meet increasingly complex regulatory challenges


ESG Compliance, Regulation & Reporting

We provide compliance services to assist financial service providers in implementing ESG regulatory requirements, ensuring alignment with sustainable business strategies and operational processes.

Financial Compliance & Regulatory

We provide proactive compliance solutions and recommendations to brokerage houses, fintech firms, insurance companies, and asset management companies, helping them meet local regulatory requirements.

Governance & Risk

Our highly experienced team delivers corporate governance services, expert advisory on best practices, and meticulous corporate documentation, empowering organizations to successfully navigate the dynamic governance landscape.

Sustainability & Communications

GCC Consulting specializes in sustainability communications, engaging stakeholders on sustainable business practices. We are an integrated communications and content creation consultancy for financial service providers.

Naxis Business Services & Advisory

Naxis, our experimental business services platform, helps businesses pursue sustainable growth by setting the right tone, bridging the gap between desired and actual outcomes, and offering a digital fulfillment experience.


Access To A Larger Talent Pool

When hiring an employee, you may only have access to a small, local talent pool. This often means you have to compromise. Outsourcing to us gives you access to talent in other places.

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Cost Saving

Employee compensation costs, office space expenses and other costs associated with providing a workspace or manufacturing setup are eliminated and free up resources for other purposes.

Increased Focus On Core Competencies

When organizations go outside their expertise, they get into business functions and processes that they may not be as knowledgeable about and could potentially take away from their main focus.

We will take care of this and you focus on your expertise and core business.

Offer Staffing Flexibility

We allow operations or departments that have cyclical demands to bring in additional resources when it’s necessary. You can then be released when things slow down again, maintaining a company’s flexibility

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